1969 Cal-Look Bug

This is the car that started my life long fascination with Volkswagen and it's cars. This particular model, a 1969 Beetle (technically VW never called it the Beetle, it was the "Sedan"), was originally sold to my parents in February of 1969. They bought it from a VW dealership in nearby Riverside, California, Economotors.

For those of you not into the VW scene, Econo is the dealership that created probably the most influential manufacturer of aftermarket parts for the VW and dune buggy scenes. Econo sold these parts under the EMPI name. I also own the fiberglass dune buggy sold by EMPI, the EMPI Imp. 

So I grew up riding in this car. For the most part, my Dad drove this car as his daily driver until 1986 when it was showing it's age. Instead of selling it, they parked it, knowing that I'd be driving in a few years and a VW Bug is a great first car for a teenager. When I got close to getting my driver's license, my parents helped me to get the car up and running again. I drove the car all through high school and even a few years of college. It's been my on-again, off-again driver ever since. 

It definitely needs some work now and that's what I'm working on. Right now the mission is to get her running after a 10+ year hibernation. Going through everything to make sure the car is reliable. The engine, transaxle, brakes, etc. are all getting inspected, repaired, and tuned. 

This is the look I'm going for my car. I was influenced by the look of the custom VWs called the Cal-Look. The front of the car is lowered, with narrow tires, and the engines is a strong hot-rodded unit, giving the car a purposeful yet understated look. 

This car will eventually be home for some increased horsepower. She currently has about 53hp, I'm working on getting the parts I need to build the engine. The first engine project will be a mild small 1776cc engine, built with some parts in my parts stash. 

Eventually I intend on building a 2056cc Type 4 engine, originally from a '76 Bus. I'm hoping to get 120-130hp out of an engine that will travel over 100,000 miles.